where pets are family

A lifetime of expert care and attention, for the health and wellbeing of your pet.



The professional healthcare your pet needs. Because healthy pets are happy pets



At ZooLand, our services embrace an integrated, holistic approach to wellness care and the treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets.


Reliable services to give your pet a healthy, happy and long life


Our internationally experienced staff takes care of all your pets like their own family


We are able to prescribe the right medicine to help with your pet’s healing


We are able to treat and dress wounds with care for your pet’s comfort and healing

What WE DO ?

At the ZooLand Veterinary Clinic, we love love pets. We believe that they are our companions, protectors, and loyal friends. We work hard to make sure that they are always happy, playful, full of energy, and thriving with life.

We have built our clinic, our services and our team to deliver a complete and reliable set of pet-care services - to cover all of your pet's healthcare needs. This includes regularly recommended pet check-ups as well as surgeries, diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. At ZooLand, we are always equipped to provide your pet the post and pre-treatment care that it needs to enjoy life.



Our pet therapists work with your pet to help them recover from injuries and ailments while giving them the individual attention that they need to feel encouraged, cherished and loved.


Pet Surgery

Our expert pet surgery services allow us to work for the well-being for your pets using modern surgical techniques to treat your pets' serious health conditions and ailments.



We examine your pets carefully and professionally to diagnose their apparent and hidden health problems. We strongly believe in the importance of the correct diagnosis.



In addition to treating and dressing wounds, our treatments also include prescribing medicine for your pet based on expert testing and diagnosis.

Perfect SERVICES !


Brought my dog here for the first time, I was more than impressed! The staff in the office were all so friendly. The check-in process and wait time were both quick. The decor of the office was very appealing, and the doctor was so friendly and great with my dog. The exam was thorough and they provided some great information and resources specifically for my dog's needs. I also felt the price was very reasonable for the visit. I will definitely recommend the ZooLand vet clinic to friends. You will feel confident you take your pet to a knowledgeable and trustworthy veterinarian when you leave.

- Alessia Canonico


Examine Animals To Diagnose Their Health Problems

We believe that the right treatment begins with the right diagnosis. Our experienced and qualified vets are able to carefully and correctly reach an accurate diagnosis based on thorough modern tests.

Treatment & Dressing Of Wounds

Active pets are happy pets, but they can also get wounded sometimes. We are able to treat and dress all types of wounds and offer a wide range of accessories and clothing to help your pet with post-operative care.

Surgerical & Post-Surgical Care

Sometimes surgery can be the only way to ensure the health and recovery of your pet from serious ailments. We are able to carry out a range of surgeries to help your pet deal with regular and life-threatening health problems.

Testing & Vaccination Against Diseases

Regular testing and vaccination are an undeniably important element to ensure your pet’s good health. At ZooLand Veterinary Clinic, we offer a complete range of vaccinations to give your pet a strong immune system.

General Care & Medical Treatments

ZooLand Veterinary Clinic offers complete general care and qualified medical treatments to help your pet cope with and recover from all types of health-related discomfort.

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Every pet that comes into ZooLand Veterinary Clinic always walks out feeling healthy and happy! We take special care of the individual needs and nature of each pet, giving them a comfortable and happy experience.

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